четверг, 26 ноября 2020 г.

Family canvas

Hi friends!
According to our beautiful November moodboard in Mixed Media Place, I have formed an autumn canvas about my family.

Привет, друзья!
Благодаря нашему красивому ноябрьскому мудборду в MMP, я создала осенний холст о своей семье.

I made an interesting background using tissue paper, extravagance golden nugget paste, stamps. Most of the decor is cut leaves, which I first painted with various sprays, acrylic paints, and then covered with wax in places or added embossing.

У меня получился интересный фон с использованием бумаги тишью, экстравагантной пасты от Финн с золотишком, штампов. Большая часть декора - это вырубные листья, которые я сначала красила спреями, акриловыми красками, а затем местами покрывала воском и добавляла эмбоссинг.

I set the accents using art ingredients such as mica flakes and glass glitter.

В конце - акценты. У меня это хлопья слюды и стеклянные блестки.

I participate


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  1. Lovely family canvas and i will try to get like this. I have also 2 kids and now i get baby carriage for little one she is very happy when she set in it and she enjoy a lot. And we are also happy.

  2. Recently, I have bought my daughter a puzzle called barbie dream house. There were all the parts of the house in the box. She plays with the parts and I don’t remember she has completed it once. But, I really like her watching when she tries again and again.


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